About Mozzafiato

Anywhere. anytime. the best NY Style & Roman Style pizza in town.

Our Story


We lived and studied the art of making pizza in Italy and wanted to bring to Suffolk County a new dining experience that offers a variety of pizza including NY Style & Roman Style.

Pizza Styles

NY Style & Roman Style

Pizza Al Taglio

“Pizza al taglio” translates to “pizza by the cut,” which is a variety of pizza that is sold by the slice.

pizza al taglio

the difference

What sets pizza al taglio apart from its NY Style pizza relative is the dough, which has a higher hydration percentage than most. It is then cold-fermented for a long period of time allowing more gluten proteins to be broken down creating a less dense and more airy dough.

pizza al taglio

the how

First topped with the freshest cheeses and toppings, then baked in Blue-Steel rectangular pans imported from Italy, finally cut into slabs similar to Sicilian pizza creating the perfect Roman Style Pizza al Taglio.