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Anywhere. anytime. the best pizza in town. For those special moments with friends & Family. Mozzafiato's pizzeria family restaurant.

5-star Google review

“Soooo delicious.”

Soooo delicious. Pasta primavera (cooked perfect, piled high vegetables were so fresh and flavorful) and eggplant rollatini (generous cheese crispy fried) Garlic knots were amazing too. Soft fresh and lots of garlic and parsley.

Helen Foy

5-star Google review

“I've found Rome in New York.”

I've found Rome in New York. Definitely worth the trip to this Long Island based pizzeria. They've figured out how to master Roman style pizza. Airy, light, thick crust with quality, tasty ingredients. If you go, let John the Greek know that Calogeeo sent you.

Calogero Argento

  • “Best Pizza place around. Today I picked up a vodka pie with meatball and i was given 2 pies, 1 for free. They told me that my pizza was cooked a little well and that they gave me a complimentary vodka meatball pie to make up for it. I thanked them for the wonderful gesture and when I got home, i didnt even think that the original pie was overcooked. Great customer service, amazing Pizza. SIMPLY THE BEST AROUND!”

    5-star Google review

    Joe Aplustille

  • “Happened to see this brand new place when I came to this parking lot for other reasons. Decided to pop in for lunch, I got an awesome shrimp slice and a vodka slice that was amazing. I wanted to get every slice in the place, next time I will definitely try the skirt steak, onion & avocado slice!! Cant wait to come back!”

    5-star Google review

    Pat O - Local Guide

  • "Super fresh. Incredible crispy crust. Best Margherita slice I've had on the island!"

    5-star Google review

    Karina Tallbe

  • "Superb! I had heard many race reviews and finally checked them out and... WOW!!! so many unique specialty pizzas and just everything else.. so good! We got a sampling of pizza, chicken roll, meatball Parm, etc and just everything was delicious. The service too, so friendly and helpful. They have outdoor seating and their store front opens up too so you have plenty of fresh air seating. All so clean and they even keep their grated parm shaker in the drink fridge so you know they're keeping all their products fresh!"

    5-star Google review

    Joy T

  • "Delicious food, extremely friendly staff who greeted every customer when they walked in the door, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be back!!"

    5-star Google review

    Christine Simonetti

  • "This is our second experience at Mozzafiatto and we are completely in love with the richness of flavors and the exquisite quality of pizza! Today we had artichoke & spinach, barbeque chicken and pepperoni/jalapeno slices. The dough is airy and crisp, all at the same time, and the toppings have lateral flavor to them: an added dimension and carefully crafted experience. Even the onions were caramelized- what a nice twist to already delish dish! You could tell the creativity and passion for cooking with the pizza and how much effort is put into crafting interesting and intricate flavor combinations. Overall, this is NOT a low quality „fastfoodish” mushy pizza. This is an exquisite fieldtrip to Naples, Rome or Florence! Thank you and we will be back for our weekly indulgence!"

    5-star Google review

    Agnieszka Ta

  • Joe Aplustille

  • Pat O

  • Karina Tallbe

  • Joy T

  • Christine Simonetti

  • Agnieszka Ta

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